macbook air for progamming good or bad

Is MacBook Air Good for Programming?

In general, Macs have always been recommendable for programming. Of course, the Macbook Air is slightly less desirable than the Macbook Pro amongst expert programmers, but it still exceeds the standard requirement by entry-level and … Read more

gaming on macbook why it sucks

Why MacBooks Suck for Gaming

There’s not much debate to be had when it comes to the suitability of MacBooks for gaming. MacBooks aren’t gaming laptops, not even the M1 Macs that Apple claims can rival some of the best … Read more

motherboard guide

How To Find Out What Motherboard You Have

Certain information about your PC or laptop will come in handy when you need to repair, upgrade your device or purchase fitting hardware. So, as a computer owner, it is pretty important that you are … Read more