Why MacBooks Glowing Logo Was Removed?

In the past, it was easy to recognize a Mac because of its iconic glowing Apple logo. It helped Apple stand out and gain recognition. When people saw the glowing logo, they knew it was a Mac.

However, Apple has since removed the glowing logo. It’s not clear why they did this, but some people have speculated that it was to make the Mac look more professional and less flashy.

Why Apple Removed Glowing Logo From MacBooks?

4 reasons why apple removed their glowing logo

The glowing logo was Apple’s trademark, and in 2015, they released their first Mac that didn’t have a glowing logo on the back. The 2015 Mac was the thinnest MacBook they have created. It was 13.1mm thick(the previous model was 17.3mm thick). Why did they do that?

4 Reasons Why Apple Removed The Glowing Logo

  1. Thinner and more Lightweight(They made room)
  2. Light Transmission (glowing logo shinning through creating a hotspot in the center of the screen)
  3. Prevented Mac from bending
  4. Aesthetics

Apple created a thinner and lighter MacBook, but they had to make some sacrifices, such as removing the glowing Apple logo from the back. This logo could cause color inaccuracy and was a weak spot that could lead to bending.

Also, the logo was considered flashy and not fitting with Apple’s clean and elegant design. Although the logo was helpful for brand awareness and recognition, Apple is now a well-known brand and doesn’t need it anymore.

Therefore, it makes sense for Apple to remove the glowing logo from their devices. While the exact reason for this decision is not clear, it’s likely a combination of these factors.

Which MacBooks have a light-up Apple?

apple macbook with glowing logo

The glowing logo trend started in 1999 when they released PowerBook G3 Bronze Keyboard (3rd gen) to the market, and it was the first Mac ever that contained a glowing logo at the back.

The last MacBook Pro with a glowing logo was made in 2015. There are still some stores where you can buy it, and there are people certainly selling their old Macs if you want to get your hand on this classic.

Last MacBook with Glowing Apple Logo
Apple MacBook Pro (2015)

You can get the last MacBook Pro with the glowing logo at the back. This is a Renewed model. 

If you owned a MacBook with a glowing logo and feel nostalgic and hope they will bring it back – you’re not the only one. There’s even a Reddit thread about apples glowing logo.

There are some sources, that are saying that the glowing logo is planning a comeback. Macrumors is saying that Apple could be considering a return of the incoming backlit Apple logo on future MacBook models.

Will they bring it back? Perhaps. In 2016 Apple released a touch bar on their Macs and told their users that it was the future, but after some negative feedback from their clients, they went back on that and removed it and in 2022 they brought it back again.

You never know about these things with Apple.

Perhaps one day we will see the glowing apple logo returning to MacBooks, right now we just have rumours.

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