How Long Does It Take To Charge MacBook Air?

I have noticed that the MacBook Air, which used to be considered less powerful than the MacBook Pro, has now become a formidable option in Apple’s laptop lineup. In fact, the charging speed of the MacBook Air has caught up to that of its more expensive sibling. So, how long does it take to charge a MacBook Air?

After researching the matter, I’ve found that the MacBook Air M2 can charge from 0 to 100% in just 1 hour and 35 minuts, which is a remarkable improvement from its predecessor. Meanwhile, the MacBook Air M1 takes about 2 hours and 23 minutes to reach a full charge.

In this article, I will delve into the topic of how long it takes to charge the MacBook Air, along with some unique features and quirks that Apple has implemented for the Air lineup. So, keep reading to learn more!

MacBook Air Charging Speeds: Explained

The MacBook Air has gone through two major differences in charging speed after the switch to Apple-based Silicon. The M1-based MacBooks were blessed with 30 W charging while the newer M2-based MacBooks go up to 67 W.

Now, there’s an interesting quirk about the MacBook Air M1 series. While Apple officially supports 30 W charging, the MacBook Air M1 can charge at about 45 W instead. This is because it runs off the same M1 platform on the MacBook Pro.

So, I’ve gone ahead and tested both my base variant MacBook Air M1 and M2 using a 30 W charger, a 140 W charger (for max load and a 67 W charger as well. Here’s a look at my results:

Device Name30 W Charging67 W Charging140 W Charging
MacBook Air M12 hours and 45 minutes1 hour and 50 minutes1 hour and 50 minutes
MacBook Air M22 hours and 50 minutes1 hour and 35 minutes1 hour and 35 minutes

Now, the MacBook Air M1 charged at a maximum of 45 W dropping down to 30 W after hitting the 75% mark to protect battery life. Whereas, the MacBook Air M2 stays stable at 67 W the entire time.

Moreover, going for a higher wattage charger for the MacBook Air M2 doesn’t really make sense as it caps out at 67 W. However, going for a charger greater than 30 W is an optimal choice as you can expect a reduction of 20 minutes going from 30 W to 45 W charging.

Will Fast Charging Speeds Affect My MacBook Air’s Battery Health?

Yes, fast charging speeds will ultimately affect your MacBook’s battery health. This is because higher wattages lead to greater temperature within your temperature and battery module which degrades battery life significantly.

Thankfully though Apple has equipped MacBooks with a few intelligent battery protection algorithms that ensure your battery doesn’t overheat. But, I would recommend using a 30 W charger for trickle-charging your MacBook Air overnight.

And, for instances where you really need the juice quickly, use the higher-wattage charger instead. This ensures that your battery health remains at an optimal level for longer durations compared to using a faster charger for every situation.

Why Does My MacBook Air Take So Long To Charge?

If your MacBook Air takes longer than ~3 hours to charge, then, there is something wrong with either the charger you are using or the charging mechanism itself. Generally, I recommend using only official Apple chargers even though they’re a bit expensive due to their high quality.

Regardless, if your MacBook Air does take long to charge even after replacing the charger and cable, we recommend taking it to an authorized repair shop. This is because the MacBook doesn’t really provide you with a lot of information on why your battery may be charging slowly.

And, contrary to popular belief, restarting or resetting your MacBook won’t make much of a difference especially if you are on the latest software. So, get your battery checked out by a professional to ensure that there isn’t a wattage issue that’s hindering your charging speeds.


The MacBook Air series has astonishing 0-50% times that get the laptop juiced up in less than an hour. However, with recent iterations, the overall charging speed has improved further. Couple this with the already great screen on time that the MacBook Air has and you’ll never really have any charging issues with this machine.

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