Why MacBooks Screen Automatically Adjusts Brightness

You have probably noticed that your MacBook’s screen automatically adjusted brightness and probably wondering why is this happening. By default Apple products like iPhones, iPads and MacBooks have this feature enabled.

It’s called True Tone. It makes your display automatically adjust to its surroundings. Your Mac will adjust the brightness of the screen based on ambient lighting. It will make your display slightly warmer or cooler depending on your surroundings.

How To Turn Off True Tone on MacBook

how to disable automatic brightness adjustments on mac

Apple Logo > Systems Preferences > Display > Ture Tone (On/Off)

True Tone has the potential to make your display warmer based on your surroundings and your time zone. Why is that relevant? Well, by making your screen brighter it reduces the blue light that might cause eye strain. Blue light is something you should restrict before bedtime. It decreases your sleep quality.

Knowing all this, the automatic screen adjustment seems pretty cool, eh?

If you don’t want your Mac to automatically adjust your brightness, un-check “Automatically adjust brightness” and “True Tone”.

How To Turn Off Night-Shift MacBook

how to disable night shift or enable it on macbook

Apple Logo > System Preference > Display > Night Shift > Turn it Off/On

Night shift is the real deal. It will automatically shift the colors of your display to warmer at end of the day, which will remove stress from your eyes, make them sharper, and will improve your sleep.

This feature is a must for anybody that likes to work before bedtime.

MacBook Dims When Removed From Charger – How To Fix It

You are charging your Mac, you remove it from your charger and you see the screen dims down – why is this happening?

why mac dims my screen when on battery power

This is something that is enabled by default, when your Mac is on battery power it will reduce screen brightness so your battery life lasts longer.

You can disable this setting.

Apple Logo > System Preference > Battery


These guidelines apply to MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro. If you want to stop your MacBook screen from dimming the guide above should have fixed your issues.

how to manually adjust brightness levels for mac

You can also adjust your brightness levels manually.

At the top bar, right corner you will find the control center icon. Click on it and adjust the display brightness manually.

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